Austimber reclaim “suburban” logs after storms or clearing for construction and road works, utilizing what would otherwise go to low value products like woodchip, garden mulch or firewood, into beautiful and sustainable “reclaimed” timber products.

Reclaimed timber is a viable alternative to using recycled timber from and environmental perspective.

Blue Gum logs recovered from the Cherrybrook Uniting Church in NSW were cut and dried at Austimber’s yard in Sydney, then used in the manufacture of the doors, cruciform and wall panelling at the Anglican Yarra Valley Grammar School’s chapel in Melbourne’s east shown in the pictures below:

3.0m x 1.5m Bluegum Doors

Bluegumm Doors (detail)

Blue Gum Cruciform

Random Width & Thickness Bluegum Wall Cladding

– Perhaps our Reclaimed timber should be called “Born Again Timber” !