Recycled And Reclaimed Timbers

Recycled And Reclaimed Timbers

AusTimber stock old bridge, wharf piles and beam sections, railway sleepers, etc. that have been removed from their original structures.

As an alternative to second hand or recycled timber, we also stock “reclaimed” timbers that are actually even more sustainable than recycled timbers.

At AusTimber, we believe a far better approach is to use ‘reclaimed’ timbers which are cut from logs salvaged from trees being removed from urban construction sites. These trees would otherwise end up as firewood or garden mulch; a terrible waste of a valuable resource!

This helps contribute to better use of Australia’s forest resources (which by the way, are actually among the most sustainably managed forests in the world), giving all of our forest products the real value that they truly deserve.

We are the only company in Australia salvaging such logs on a commercial scale and turning them into higher valued timber products.




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