The Lithgow Small Arms Factory first opened on 8th June 1912. It was created by the Australian Government to ease our reliance on Britain for supply of defence materials.

The factory manufactured rifles and bayonets during the World War 1, and during World War 2 manufacturing was increased to include Vickers machine guns and Bren guns. Following WW2, the factory continued to manufacture weapons for the defence force, but also delved into sporting goods and sewing machines at one time.

Austimber have managed to procure much of the timber from the decommissioning of the old factory which measured some 80 metres in length and was approx. 20 metres wide. We have numerous old roof trusses available that span in excess of 6m and, timber purlins, posts and wall framing, all in recycled Monterey Pine.

Lithgow Small Arms Factory (circa 1912)

Lithgow Small Arms Factory during decommissioning

Roof Trusses back in our yard.

Full and half Trusses – 6.3m spans 

Recycled wall framing