In 2022, AusTimber procured the Turpentine piles that were used under the railway turntable at the White Bay Power Station (sister station to Pyrmont Power House Museum). These piles were sunk 14 M into the mud to support the weight of the coal trains. The piles have sat there, buried in the mud for around 103 years. The mud has preserved them.

At around 500mm in diameter and roughly 14 metres in length, we now have over 100 piles to be milled into feature products.

These piles can be milled into wonderful long, continuous beams that are normally impossible to find.

White Bay Power Station
(circa 1930)

White Bay Power Station – showing turntable

Piles arriving by train (circa 1920)

Pressure washing Turpentine Piles

300 x 200 Ironbark (1 edge left natural)

Ready to ship

250 x 100 Beams & Uprights

8.1m, straight, Turpentine Beams