Australia's first purpose-built institution for convict women, the Parramatta Female Factory, was a secure place of
confinement, industry and punishment modelled on the Workhouses of England.
Commissioned by Governor Macquarie in 1816, the Female Factory operated from 1821 to 1840.
It was the destination for unassigned convict women in the penal colony of New South Wales.
Following the end of convict transportation in 1840, it was used as the Lunatic Asylum Parramatta.
Today the remnant buildings and structures of the Female Factory are located within the grounds of Cumberland
Austimber supplied the timber and machined to detail veranda posts, soffit lining, timber decking, and also the large
curved-top timber entry gates (shown below) for the restoration works at this wonderful heritage precinct by the
Parramatta River.

Parramatta Female Factory – Opening Day celebrations

Veranda Posts machined to detail

Custom Heritage Gates

Excellent workmanship displayed in restoring this heritage site